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You Utter Dingbat!

A quick overview of the first project we have been given since our return from Christmas break. We were put into groups of 3 and told to produce a 20 second long stop motion animation based around the typeface Zapf Dingbats (shown above). By based around, I mean we were only allowed to use the Dingbat characters only changed in colour and scale. The animation was to be produced on a flat 2D surface out of paper/card and shot using istopmotion, a pretty nifty little stop-motion programme we were provided with in a slot of 2 hours. All editing was to be done in shot so for zooms etc we had to produce a number of the same element in different sizes which was quite time consuming but the week before we had an awesome storyboarding workshop to help us out with pre-planning and spent a good amount of time storyboarding our own animation and creating the character and elements in illustrator. Nothing was left to chance. 

I was with Sunnie and Chloe which was lucky as they are as sick and twisted as I am apparently and loved my initial idea of animating a Dingbats Peepshow based around the early animation machines we were shown as part of the introduction to the project. Once you start looking it becomes very apparent that Dingbats is full of absolute filth and our animation can be summed up by one word, TASSLES! We had a good week to prepare our animation which was lucky as Chloe was stuck in the USA until last Tuesday but managed to get it all done for yesterday which was our alloted time. The final animation has yet to be exported in its full glory but hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on it and I'll post it up here. There might even be some kind of Dingbats showreel using clips from the other groups in our class. I am super happy with the way it came out, it is almost exactly the way I imagined it, if not better. Props to Sunnie and Chloe as well for putting up with me being so immature and working so well together, very good start to the year. We definitely bonded over burlesque, tassle technique and "Lacie" as she will be forever known.

Below, a few pictures of yesterday. Animating and being silly. 

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