It's a pretty rare event that I have time to blog about anything at the moment, (so unbelievably busy with college it's pretty unreal) so when this book appeared on my desk a few weeks ago it was put to the bottom of the list of stuff to do. However after a few quick photos here is something pretty cool.

The lovely people at Victionary publishing have included mine and Hunter's Anamorphic Typography project in their most recent book named Typoholic. Not only that but they also asked me (of all people) to write a 300 word foreword about what I thought experimental typographic design should encompass which took quite a while from the boy who is awful with words. Needless to say it got done though and somehow everything made it into the book which was released a few weeks ago. I'm happy that people are still enjoying our project and very proud that someone thought it was worth including in their book. Another life box ticked there I think...

Typoholic celebrates modern typography at it's most playful. Featuring 288 colourful pages of custom types, from digital to real life installations, it offers a thorough review of modern type-making. Separated in to two parts, the first Typoholic Font to Form, focuses on type-related projects, while the second Typoholic A to Z, is a collection of contemporary illustrated typefaces. The book examines a diverse range of sculptural, illustrated and photographically created letterforms and alphabets as they in appear in graphic identities, art projects, advertising and much more. Available now from all good book sellers! (or amazon)

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