On the 5th day of Christmas a colleague gave to me....

5 medical stitches
4 hand x-rays
3 different nurses
2 trapped fingers
1 interesting new years


It's been almost exactly a month since I started this blog and have not paid it much attention since then. However with the new year coming up I have decided that one of my many resolutions should be to try and make at least one interesting post a week (I don't think I have enough interesting things to post something each day) throughout 2010.

Above is a short video piece made over my 2 week fine art rotation in response to a series of 3 zen haikus. This piece has been created from recording of two spontaneous and unrelated ideas/events from two separate entities. However when combined both elements start to relate and reflect each other encompassing the true concept of zen.

With Credit to Robert Brook who kindly wrote and performed a stream of consciousness for this piece without any knowledge of its purpose or inspiration beforehand. All video was shot by myself using my mobile phone. Also thanks to the woman in the pink hat who turned round at just the right time.

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