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Above is the final image for mine and Rachel's shrine project where we had to combine our passions of playing live music (Me) and ice cream (Rachel). Shot in Thamesmead on a very cold evening at the base of Honours Ice Cream who me and Rach. got in contact with and visited twice over the course of this project. This was probably the longest project we were given over term one though only reflected in one photograph, many hard hours of work went into this running round trying to hire/buy smoke machines and industrial lights as well as going to and forth to Thamesmead twice. Huge thanks to Onur for being so welcoming and enthusiastic with us, massive props to Rachel as well for being an awesome partner to work with. Both linked above. Below a few images from our working process with involved making home made ice cream, teaching Rachel how to play 'Seven Nation Army' on guitar, visiting Onur the first time and combining a microphone with an ice cream scoop (more photos to follow of that).

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I love how epic the final image is. It certainly captures a lot of emotion and makes me smile! I can tell it combines both of the passions -- it's EPIC! Ice cream and EPIC! Guitars, etc. Well done!

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