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So yesterday we given a talk by three second year students about an opportunity we have as Graphic Design students at Chelsea to compete for the chance to win a place on a semester long exchange with F.I.T. (fashion institute of technology) in New York.

The brief in short is that we have to create a piece of work that expresses why we want to go to NY and the lengths we would be willing to go to to get there. Responses can be any media and size so literally anything goes. However they suggested that we use famous New York icons like the statue of liberty, the street layout, pretzels, yellow taxis etc as our inspiration. Really excited about this project, despite the potential amount of money it could cost nothing could compare the experiences we could have there. Pretty much the same project as last year, one girl got a tattoo of a dollar sign on the sole of her foot and said she'd 'put her heart and soul' into the trip and won a place. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Milton Glaser designed the logo above, quite possibly one of the greatest logos of all time.

I will be making a video in response to this brief. That is all.

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