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Moving swiftly on, last Thursday we were given a new project based around the concept of 'Mail Art'.
I stupidly missed the briefing for this project which was a massive error as we got to choose our own groups for once but luckily Mr Harry Holt and Johnny Holmes claimed me and Ben for our group. Here's some stolen blurb from Miriam's blog as like I said I missed the briefing...

To give an overview- 'Mail Art' is a movement which began in the early 1960's in which networks were formed and would use the postal system as means of communication to exchange art as well as to collaborate with others on projects.

This has been given to us as a starting point and in our groups, we may create a project of our choice that in roughly three weeks time we can present to the class in analogue form. RAD THANKS MIRIAM.

This project has come at an interesting time as my laptop has just decided to break itself. Currently in a state of flux where using analog is the only option at the moment for me and so doing a 'Mail Art' project seems incredibly apt at the moment and I am throwing myself into this project head on. Really excited about our idea but it needs an awful lot of work to make it happen. Myself and Holmes spent this morning in a Bethnal Green model shop with some nice little Chinese ladies and a laser cutter. 

More to follow shortly. 

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I like your photography, nice use of depth of field. I look forward to seeing more of this project.

Paige Shaw

I like how you've actually set out and gone to a lazer cutting company, using facilities not within Chelsea.. well they dont actually exsist.


really like your idea for this project, love that fact you've gone to the effort of actually getting proper illustrators involved. Also love the consistency; everyone will receive exactly the same thing but you have no clue what the end product will look like!

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