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Bad Type's Bad Day Out

On the 14th of January 2011 myself and my class mates took our Bad Type white letters for a Bad Day out around Chelsea and Pimlico. Above is a video I made of that day using my new Cannon 550D camera. Having never used it for video I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out and have a go at editing in Final Cut Pro for the first time as well. I am pretty happy with the results although I'd like the shots to be less shakey although I guess that comes from practice (maybe even investing in a tripod?). Editing wise I could have done a lot more but again with practice and patience. Below are some photos of preparation and the day itself...enjoy

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miriam abrahams

Brilliant film Joe. The music and delicate focusing in & out really captures the spontaneous mood of that day.

Ceylan Kioufi

I love this film! I think you captured it really well and combined it with good music. It looks so professional!

Bradley Bell

Really am fond of this video Lad. I'm going to write a serious comment. Infact, I think I'll reblog the shit out of this. The music is perfect, really nice.. And I think it totally reflects the close 'community' we have at Chelz. The only thing would be using that cheeky tripod, get rid of the old Parkinson's disease. Top work though, cracking.


Really good film captured the day perfectly. Well shot and the music complements the whole thing, good work.

Harriet J Palmer

Great film! I didn't want it to end :)
+ cracking choise of music!

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