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"There's so much wall on the floor"

Some slightly more professional photographs of mine and Hunter's anamorphic typography installation in the morgue corridor in Chelsea. We're still working on getting the video done of this piece which I am pretty psyched about. Last Monday we were asked by our tutors to create another installation in the vis. com. studio for our exhibition. Below is a quick snap shot of the work taking place with photos of the finished piece to follow on Wednesday when I am invidulating the exhibition.

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hunter thomson

*invigilating :P
looks sweet tho man

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Мужчина Твоей Мечты

Лучше бы забор мне покрасил на даче ;-)


I was looking at Felice Varinis' work because he's my chosen artists to look at for my A level fine art course and my teacher has advised me to visit some of his work but that seems very unlikely due to the fact it's all across europe. But then i found your blog and saw these pieces to do with anamorphic typography and i was wondering where these pieces have been done and if there's any chance I could visit them? Could If i could visit your work please can you email me on, thanks :D x (Your 'contact' tab wouldn't work when i click on it by the way so that's why i commented here!)

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