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Anamorphic Typography

So over the past month I have not posted anything on my blog. This is because I have been busy working on my Final Major Project which started just over 6 weeks ago and still has another two weeks to run before being marked and presented at our final exhibition. I am doing a collaborative project with my friend Hunter Thomson based around anamorphic typography which happened totally by chance as we found out we were exploring exactly the same thing since returning from easter holidays. My original project title was based around the relationship between architecture and graphic design and Hunters was around typography and shape. I am confident that we can both answer our self initiated briefs within this project whilst creating some amazing and interesting work around Chelsea. The photos above are a test piece completed last week in the Fashion studio. I have a hundred more photos of this piece taking shape but I think it's more intriguing to show the finished piece and leave you to decide how we did it.

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