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two of four (the ringing in my ears)

So here is the second instalment of my four book works as promised. This was made in response to a project titled "three extraordinary books" (nothing extraordinary about the title) and we were given a number of words to base our books around. This book came closest to 'a book of multiples' which was only the means to an end as I had wanted to make this book for a little over 2 years now.

The title of this book is called 'The ringing in my ears', essentially it is my gig-ography from around 2004 to present containing tickets from a good percentage of every gig I have ever been to along with a few other mementos. 
This book is made solely out of materials sourced from those concerts I have attended and represents hundreds of pocket money pounds, days of waiting in line, meeting the band, litre of sweat and thrown pints, ten pairs of ruined trainers, three bruised ribs, many hoarse throats, my endless love for music and the ringing in my ears at the end of every night. 

The covers are made using set-lists from different bands woven together, the covers are held as one by a strip cut from one of my first gig t-shirts. Each page is a gig ticket or memento from a gig, torn setlist, signed stuff and maps, travel tickets etc. The pages are bound using two festival wristbands (Reading 09 and Underage 08). This book is one of my favourite pieces of work I have produced this year and hopefully one that I will keep forever. 

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