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It's more than just print

Above are the pictures from mine and Hunter's collaborative FMP final piece. We were incredibly lucky to be allowed use of a whole corridor in Chelsea College of Art & Design to carry out our anamorphic typography installation. Completed in exactly one week from start to finish our work covers the entire corridor as well as venturing into the fire escape it's without doubt the biggest work I have ever undertaken. Some of the letters cover more than one surface, with the 'M' actually hitting 4 walls overall whilst some letters are left untouched by anamorphosis and perfectly formed ('J' in the fire escape). The biggest letters without doubt are the 'A' and 'U' on opposing walls of the corridor around the 4 to 5 meter mark - "Anarchy" as Ed put it. The phrase we chose reads "it's more than just print". We chose this phrase for a number of different reasons. It's supposed to challenge what people consider to be conventional graphic design, working with flat 2D surfaces and designing business cards, posters etc. as well as being a comment on the process we used to create the piece. Below is a really rough video I took with my phone to give a bit more of an experience to the piece. Hopefully next week we will be recording it properly using a triangle frame and videocamera. It will be on show as part of the Chelsea Foundation Show from the 29th of May to the 3rd of June, which is completely free and should be great fun. For more info. go to 

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