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It's a point of view

Here are some shots of mine and Hunter's anamorphic typography studio installation which we were asked to complete by our tutors at the start of last week in to be ready for the private view which took place last Friday. For this piece we incorporated some geometry into our design as well as copy. Videos to follow of both our pieces soon. 

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love it!

Corey Perrine

Could be a cool tat.

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Can you tell me how that was done?
How do you call such paintings? I need an hint to start one by myself.

Thomas Quinn

Really great work. Don't sweat any claims that you ripped of Felice Varini. While perhaps inspired by Varini, your work is clearly it's own thing and is perhaps even more interesting. Did you use CAD or any software? Or was it all done by trial and error in the actual spaces?


It simple. Take LCD projector. Project anything you want. Paint where highlighted. PROFIT!

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