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Not So Innocent

Ok so over the past month I haven't posted anything here at all due to a pretty epic 12 week term and rather a lot of work. All of this work is still in progress and will be uploaded over the coming weeks as and when I get it done but for now a project that I have finished...

In short, I made a 30 second advert for innocent smoothies as part of a competition they are currently running. The only rules were that the advert had to use the music provided by innocent and involve the super smoothie character (see above) 'saving the day' in some way. Thanks to Jules and Don for being sports and agreeing to help me film/play a part in the ad itself. If chosen my advert will be on t.v. and I could win £5,000...which could come in very handy at the moment. Watch the ad below and I may be asking you to vote for me fairly soon, fingers crossed...

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