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It Might Get Loud

All I do nowadays is watch documentaries 

On Wednesday we were given a new motion graphics brief based around learning Adobe After Effects which is all rather exciting.

We've been asked to source a piece of spoken word audio between 10-20 seconds in length that we find 'inspiring'. Initially we were supposed to use interviews with creative practitioners, graphic designers we find inspiring etc but over the course of the briefing it seemed to transform into anyone we were creatively inspired by whether they are a designer, painter, sculptor or musician.

Once we have our audio we are then to animate the words spoken within the interview in After Effects, what we'll be creating is kinetic typography. We had a great presentation from our tutor Pete who always seems to inspire me in some way with his examples of previous work. These I won't share with you but I am already thinking about the possible mixtures of analog and digital media for this project.

I spent pretty much all of yesterday watching my favourite things, documentaries, about my second favourite thing, guitars (and their players). The video above is the trailer for a film titled 'It Might Get Loud' featuring Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. I'd urge everyone to watch it, even if you're not into guitars and stuff as much as I am. It's really interesting to hear how 3 of the best known guitarists ever talk about their very different styles, techniques and approaches to playing what is in essence is the same plank of wood with 6 strings stretched over it.

We all know that we love and are inspired by graphic design, I feel like I don't need to reiterate it. After all we are on a GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSE. The thing that inspires me more than anything is listening, watching and playing music (remember the passionate presentation) hence that is what I will be basing this project around. Personal is powerful.

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