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Since I have now handed in my New York piece I have been able to concentrate my efforts on some of my other projects which are currently on the go.

Now working on a "How to..." project which is based around learning Adobe Illustrator. We were asked to produce a range of instructions, guides and plans to clearly communicate a range of events and activities that will enable people to survive and thrive in times of austerity. 

We were kept in our mail art groups and each group was given a 'life theme' to take inspiration from. Our theme was communication which was a challenge to initially brainstorm but once we had completed a full workshop day in class with everyone donating ideas to each other's themes we were getting into the swing of things. A lot of people are focusing on trying to save money but cutting down on things within their various 'how to' guides, however I wanted to try and be proactive, setting up something creative for as little money as possible seemed like a great concept to start with, especially something that you can communicate with.

So with this concept in tow, I came up with the idea of:

 'How to set up your own pirate radio station'

Pretty psyched to really get my teeth into it now. I have a basic idea of what I want to do. Now the tough bit is going to be researching it and finding out exactly what I want to do with and where I want to go with it. After a few hours of note taking, book reading and googling I came across this awesome trailer for a documentary film called "Drowned City" about London Pirate radio stations and the people who run them. I'll leave you with the trailer for now whilst I go stare at a computer screen for hours on end.

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