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How To Set Up Your Own Pirate Radio Station

Above is my final outcome for the 'Do This Brief' project. A not very concise guide on how to set up a pirate radio station. Overall I am really happy with the way this has turned out, the whole subculture, DIY aesthetic is exactly what I was aiming for and the tone of the piece again is spot on. I was trying to get it so that you could photocopy this and mass distribute it easily if required.  I spent a lot of time researching pirate radio trying to break it down to just the essentials which was really fun though quite complex at times. Marrying the information with how I wanted the illustration to turn out was a bit of a challenge as well but again I am super happy with it all. The whole idea of this project was to learn Adobe Illustrator though which although I was fairly familiar with anyway, spending more time with it really allowed me to fully get to grips with the specifics and shortcuts of it and I am now full competent. CLICK THE PICTURE FOR A BIGGER VERSION.

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love the complexity and the simplicity at the same time. would love to see you actually make one!

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