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when life gives you lemons, make...

Ok so, in addition to the numerous and wonderful presents I have already bought my family for christmas this year I decided to make a batch of lemon and lime marmalade as a sort of nice homemade thing that everyone can enjoy. The ingredients are pretty simple but the process itself is somewhat more complex and time consuming. Don't attempt if you have any sort of cuts on your hands, citrus and open wounds do not mix well. I got the recipe from my housemates Leon cookbook if anyones interested in making some of their own. As well as making the marmalade I have designed labels for the jars which hopefully I will be printing tomorrow and will post here once they are all done and photo'ed. I have designed the labels around the idea of myself starting up a jam making company called king of preserves. and am super happy with the results, the jam tastes alright too which is good news.

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