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Golden Boy

Above is the final outcome for our iconic photo project where we had to choose and recreate an iconic photo with the only condition being that it had to be 'properly iconic' and not just a photo of a modern day celebrity. We had to organise all props, clothes etc ourselves then each  student had a group session in the photography studio with the awesome Alex Madjitey. Basically a short introduction to the photographic facilities, each student would shoot another's photo while Alex would sort out lighting etc. I actually made it to the studio 3 times no less to complete shoot for this photo but it was totally worth it with Alex now referring to me as exclusively 'golden balls'. YES I did actually paint myself Gold.

Props to Alex for his awesome lighting and general photography skills, Paige Shaw for shooting my golden boy photo, Vanille VDC for shooting the suited photo and Julia Salotti for being my Bond girl.

Below is the original film poster which I based my shot on. I spent hours trying to find the right weight of Gothic to match the fonts exactly but to no avail. 

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Phoebe May Halstead

This is great- you look gold and cold.

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