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DISCLAIMER: The white powder you see in the images above is icing sugar NOT cocaine or any other illegal narcotics.
Ok so now that's done with time to explain. Above, for the most part is the final set of images for one half of the Destroying Bad Typography brief. The brief states we must make our allotted letter (mine is capital E in Times New Roman if you're in any doubt by now) in using two different materials. The first material was wood which each person has to use by way of an induction to the workshop which I  posted a few weeks ago. The second material is completely up to each individual person and is where this project really comes into it's own, the only rule for both letters is that it must be white and that you must destroy it yourself. Below is a detail shot of the 'E' itself before being cut and snorted by me.  Massive props to Ben for helping me set up and shoot the whole thing. 

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