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A Sense of Perspective

About a week ago I was sitting at home on my laptop surfing the internet trying to do work as per usual whilst fighting the urge to go on Facebook too much when I received this message on Facebook.

"Hey Joseph!
I don't know if you remember me, but I was in your book binding class. ( I did this french fold for my portfoilo and I remember you liked it) I know you might think this is so random that I added you but what I discovered yesterday was too interesting that I had to tell you. 

So last summer, while I was surfing this Korean site (kinda like Yahoo!), I stumbled upon your project. Back then I didn't know who you are and I absolutely had no clue that you were going to FIT as an exchange student. I remember loving your project and thought you were not aware that your work was on a Korean site, so I twitted this news to you. But you didn't reply so I was like.. well whatever and forgot about it.

Then yesterday, I just found out that this project was actually your work.

How weird is that?
What are the chances?
I thought you are just a design student who lives in England and I twitted you without thinking that I'm actually going to meet you somehow.

this event totally changed my perspective."

This message was from Ja Young Kim, a girl who I'd met in my Bookbinding class whilst I was at FIT and who I had talked to quite a bit over the semester and who's final project was an amazing japanese stab bound, french folded portfolio of her work. My mind is still a little blown a week later and now I am starting to realise the real potential power of Twitter as a medium for recognising and connecting people.

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