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Multi-Layered Zoetrope

So here is a project I completed a little over a year ago and is something that I am immensely proud of. Have been looking forward to sharing it since I got it done and have only just got the permission to do so here goes.

This video shows a multi-layered zoetrope, custom designed and built by myself as part of a first year college project titled "New Technologies" where we were given the task of either inventing or using an existing technology and taking it somewhere new. I mentioned this project a little in my blog last year. Always hinting about showing the final product which hasn't been possible until now.

I custom designed a tiered, slotted base from corrugated cardboard allowing up to three layers of materials to be used within the zoetrope. The outer layer is laser-cut card whilst the inner layers can be printed media or in the case of my first test, manipulated light layers created using semi-opaque plastic, coloured acetate and fluorescent lighting (see photos below). 

The video itself reflects the song I chose to work with, very hypnotic, keeping your interest but in the simplest way possible. It was produced as both a college project and as part of a project I was working on as an intern with the brief of providing song with an interesting backdrop to be played on youtube that wasn't a still image but at the same time was not a full blown music video. Hopefully I may get to revisit this project at some point in the near future and take it further than I have here. So many possibilities of what to do with it in my head it'd be great to be given the chance to take it further with materials etc and see where it could go.

Video was shot using a Canon 550D fitted with Pentax 50mm Lens and was edited in Final Cut Pro. Other than some slight colour correction this video was shot entirely in camera, there are NO additional effects in the video. Below are some stills from said video (linked above).

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