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Above is the mission statement myself and Mia came up with as part of the brief for one of our second term projects titled 'Territories'. We had to use the title as a starting point for the concept of a publication that we had to then present to the rest of our year group and persuade them that ours was the best. In short we were one of the eight successful groups chosen and are now going on to work on our publication along with four of our classmates who voted for us.

Really genuinely excited about this project and what it could entail for us within the next month or so and indeed the future. At the moment there's a lot of emails flying about trying to get this whole process started and trying to get submissions in. If you have any interest in creative writing at all, or know of anyone who does please click on the image above to download a printable PDF version of the brief with everything you need to know about what we're asking for.

Alternatively click HERE to get a PDF of the mission statement and brief.

Alternatively contact me via email (button above) to get a copy of the brief or just to ask any questions you may have about what we're doing. Below are the alternate media we'll be using to get in contact with people and get our brief out into the world.


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