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Golden Foam

Ok so time for some new projects. Last Tuesday we were given our first film brief by tutor Ed Gill who worked with some of us last year on foundation at Chelsea and who has made TV ads for Innocent Smoothies, Sony and a ton of other companies as well as some pretty awesome music videos.

We were put into groups of 4/5 and just given the title of our movie and told to produce a one minute skit based on our initial ideas. Our film title is 'Golden Foam'. We have just under 6 weeks to produce, film and edit the movie itself with the final results being screened at our very own oscar night at the end of term where we are going up against all the other films to win oscars handmade by each group. We're also going to be producing posters and other promotional material for the film which will be collated and put into a programme which will then be printed and sold on the night.

That's all I'm giving away for now, above is a picture of our group. I love the idea we have for the film so much, just really excited about this project. Below is a film I found as part of my research, completely unrelated now but so nice.

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