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My housemate just told me to look at the the new GAP logo (no the above is not it but it could be). Back in the day at school if you wore GAP it used to mean that you were Gay. And. Proud. - smart logic I think you'll agree. Here's my own parody of the logo which took all of 1 minute on illustrator, can't believe that they probably paid a 6 figure sum to some advertising agency to come up with this. It now looks like GAP are an I.T. services company, specialising in data storage FUN. Obviously brands these days are constantly looking to keep the look and feel of their company 'fresh' but BLACK BOLD HELVETICA?! How original.....

Here's a cool link for you to vent your rage over:

Also if anyone from GAP reads this ever:

1. What on earth was wrong with your first logo? 


2. If you really do desire to change it, please employ me. Despite being only a first year design student I will 100% do a better job than the retards you employed to design this one. 

OK, rant over....

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Polly Landau-Leigh

Haha, lovely rant. I fully agree xx

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